Holidays in Mexico

White sand, azure Caribbean water, palm trees and a lot of sun - isn't it a perfect representation of a beach vacation? It's hard to believe, but this place really exists. And that's Mexico. Many tourists from around the world book hotels a year before the vacation.

Each year, on the coast of Yucatan Peninsula spend their holidays around 3 million people. There is also an international airport, which competes with the capital (Mexico City) on the number of flights and passengers. And 40 years ago, Cancun was just a small village, where the main occupation was fishing.

Now, this popular resort has all the infrastructure. Shopaholics will find a lot of interesting and exotic shopping malls and local markets. By the way, do not forget to choose some souvenirs and ask the seller for a discount.

Mexico would also be a good choice for food lovers. There is a lot of cafes and fine restaurants. If you want to try home-cooked food, go to a local Tucker, if you prefer traditional food, you can just eat in the hotel: a mix of European and moderately spicy Mexican cuisine is always good choise.

For those who do not want to gain those extra pounds on holiday, we also have a suggestion. You can try something new, for example ... surfing or water skiing. In general, on the coast you can find a huge choise of entertainment. That's why there is a lot of sportsman and families with children

On the Yucatan Peninsula there is something more to see. You can visit on your holiday the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza. This location is protected by UNESCO, named one of the new wonders of the world. 

And finally, the climate at Mexico is hot. The average temperature in Cancun always is above 27 degrees. All the year you can enjoy warm sea, and sunny days. So do not forget your hat and sunglasses.

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